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Frank Sinatra Research paper

Chairman of the Board Frank Sinatra was known by many names such as The Sultan of Swoon, The Voice, and 01†² Blue Eyes. Choose whichever you like. There were very few entertainers who stood the test of time and are still as popular in their hay day as they are in the current generation. Presley, Sinatra, and Bingo Crosby are the select few who are still as popular, if not more so, than they were in their respective times. Time Magazine even considered him the most influential vocalist of the 20th century.The simple upbringing, rise to fame, mafia connections, and his control of the music industry from the ass's to the aryl ass's was staggering considering how his life started and a deeper look into his background, music, and connections will just give you a small glimpse into the life Of the Chairman Of the Board. Francis Albert Sinatra was born on December 12, 1 915 in Hoboken, New Jersey. His parents Anthony Sinatra and Natalie Aggravate were immigrants from Italy and moved to a very poor section of Hoboken, where most of the Italian immigrants of this time, which was all they could afford.His father was a hard-working individual who held multiple jobs despite the obvious engage barrier and did his best to instill these values into his only child. He preached schooling and making something out of his life and doing better than either he or his mother could ever give him. Frank never did well in school and failed to graduate from high school. He did however manage to nab a job with the local newspaper. However, the job failed to keep his interest and dreams of stardom at bay. He â€Å"quit his newspaper job to pursue a career as a singer after attending a Bingo Crosby concert (Carving). This choice would be his stepping stone to super stardom. The â€Å"Hoboken Four Carving)† gave him his first taste of the public after winning a contest on the radio and went on tour with the band. He eventually came back home and for the next few years worked mul tiple different jobs just to make ends meet. At a local bar in town he sang with a group on stage and was unknowingly recorded in what would become his â€Å"very first known studio recording of the thousand and more that were to make that skinny young man the most celebrated popular singer in history (Summers and Swan). Getting back into the music scene, he was picked up by â€Å"Harry James (Carving)† and promptly talent away by The Sentimental Gentleman of Swing â€Å"Tommy Dorset (Carving'. This opportunity was the start of the influential and dynamic career of Frank Sinatra. An event filled 2 year career with Tommy Dorset which raised his notoriety among some socialites in the music industry led to him to start his own solo career. The years of 1942 to 1947 would be his busiest time ever in the music industry.He was the lead singer on a radio broadcast that aired nightly, he signed a record deal with Columbia Records, and was releasing â€Å"a new single almost every month (Carving). He was truly the music industry of the 1 ass's. His song â€Å"I'll never smile again† lets you know exactly why he was so popular during the ass's, he spoke of despair and love being lost and having no hope. America was fully in the throes of WI, and most people could relate to the disparity of the time. He capitalized on what he was feeling and profited from was going on in the world at the time.He starred in multiple films during the ass's most of which included mixed reviews and weren't the successes he had hoped them to be. By the late 1 ass's and early 1 ass's his once illustrious sic career seemed as though it was over. He suffered a â€Å"vocal cord hemorrhage (Carving' that could have ended his career. He recovered from the injury only to suffer not more physical injuries, but emotional ones. He began an affair with Eva Gardner which led to his divorce from Nancy, his 1st wife and mother of their 3 children.Sinatra and Gardner married soon thereafte r but only to have it end in divorce less than 6 years after it had begun. His personal life was crumbling at his feet and his professional life was non-existent with his movie contract being voided, the contract with Columbia isn't renewed and his radio show was cancelled. He also had ties to the Mafia here in the u S. , but more notably in Chicago. â€Å"He willingly fronted for the mob (Burdock) on many occasions up to and including sharing property with notable members of the Mafia and introducing â€Å"divorcee Judith Campbell Keener both to him and to John F. Kennedy.Since she was romantically involved with the President and the mobster at the same time, the Mafia enjoyed unprecedented access to the White House. In fact, Judith later claimed to have carried messages between the two, helping the Mafia and CIA elaborate on a plan to assassinate Fidel Castro (Burdock). But through the dark times carne the light. His 2nd marriage, considered a colossal failure on a personal leve l, did however reeve his career during the mid-1 ass's. His role in the movie From Here to Eternity, which VA helped him land, won him an Oscar for best supporting actor and helped reignite his career.He starred in multiple more films during the mid-sass's and resurrected his singing career later during the decade. These events led to the evolution of the Rat Pack. Sinatra, Davis Jar. , Martin and McClain were the main members of the Rat Pack. They were known for not only their iconic roles in films during this time frame, but for their comedy acts in Vegas. â€Å"The high point of the Rat Pack era came in 1960, when all five had roles in the classic Ocean's Eleven. Frank, of course, was the star. It's a terrible movie–slow, silly, its premise unbelievable.Yet it is, perhaps, the ultimate buddy movie of all time, just as the Rat pack remains the ultimate buddy group in people's hearts (Burdock). Joey Bishop and Peter Lapboard were less known than the rest but no less importa nt to the group as a whole. The Pack were all similar in that most quit school at a very nouns age, had issues with the law, and became involved in either the music or the entertaining business at a young age. The Rat Pack got their name from Lauren Facial, Humphrey Boast's wife.She â€Å"saw the group ringside at a Alas Vegas showroom, she disgustedly informed them that they looked â€Å"like a goddamned rat pack. † The name would endure Boast's death and was adopted by Frank and his cronies (Burdock). After a matter of 6 years, The Rat pack was no more. Times had changed and the Rock and Roll generation had taken over. Sinatra continued to spurn out records during this time and transcended 3 separate decades. Frank truly embodied the American spirit in which with enough talent, drive, and ambition, you can become anything you want to be in this world.Sinatra over his career not only won numerous acting awards but singing awards as well. He won an Academy Award, an Oscar, 3 Golden Globes, 6 Grammas and multiple other awards, all of which spanned a 50 year career in the industry. From a simple upbringing he continued to reach for his dreams and saw this a reality when he was just 25 stating to â€Å"a new acquaintance how he saw his future. â€Å"I'm going to be the best singer in the world,† he said, â€Å"the best singer hat ever was (Summers and Swans'.

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Tent and Board Games

My camping trip My camping trip was a very bad experience. A friend's brother was planning to go to camping for a weekend, and they invited me. We were excited because we thought would be fun. First, we made a list of everything we would need, packed our suitcases and started our way. The weather was bad, but my friend's brother decided to go no matter what. First, the road was in a poor condition. It was so bad that I threw up twice! Second, the location where we were going to stay for 2 nights was terrible.I lready felt bad enough due to the road, and when I saw the place, I realized that I wanted to go back home. Nevertheless, we decided to stay in front of a big tree and made a bonfire between the camping tents. My camping tent was on the left and the other one was next to us. After a while, everyone went to sleep. Third, I was attacked by a snake at midnight. I felt something crawling on me; I Jumped up and started to scream. Everyone woke up and went to my camping tent to see w hat was happening. There was a snake inside my tent and creeping on me! I was so scared and no one knew what to do.My friend's brother killed the snake with a sharp stick. After that, I could not sleep anymore. The next day, we played board games, listened to music and walked across the forest. While we were walking, I saw an iguana at the top of a tree. Soon we came back to our place because it started to get dark. We talked for a few hours and went to sleep. Finally, to make things worse, it rained so badly that the camping tents came down. We spent the rest of the night under the tree. When the sun rose, we left the place to go back home. In conclusion, my camping trip was a disaster.

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Ore Deposit Questions

Ore Deposit Questions Chapter 27: Mississippi Valley Type deposits Questions 1. Which geophysical method is/are used in discovering Mississippi Valley Type deposits? A. Airborne Magnetic SurveysC. Resistivity StudiesE. None of the above B. Induced Polarization MethodD. All of the above 2. All are host rocks for MVT deposits except for one. A. DolostoneC. BrauniteE. None of the above B. LimestoneD. All of the above 3. In which depth can MVT deposits be found? A. Shallow DepthC. Great DepthE. None of the above B. Average DepthD. All of the above 4. Which of the following is the wall rock alteration method used in MVT deposits?A. RecrystallizationC. Hydrothermal BrecciationE. None of the above B. DissolutionD. All of the above 5. Which of the following is a mineral assemblage of MVT deposits? A. ChalcedonyC. TectoliteE. None of the above B. MarcasiteD. All of the above 6. Which of the following is considered the most important environmental consideration for MVT deposits? A. Copper cont entC. Carbonate contentE. None of the above B. Iron Sulfide contentD. All of the above 7. Which of the following is the mining method used in MVT deposits? A. Long wall methodC. Underground room methodE. None of the above B.Pillar methodD. All of the above 8. All are ore processing methods use in MVT deposits except for one. A. PulverizingC. Magnetic SeparationE. None of the above B. FlotationD. All of the above 9. Which country contains the largest amount of MVT deposits? A. North AmericaC. EuropeE. None of the Above B. North AfricaD. All of the Above 10. Which of the following mineral rarely occurs in MVT deposits? A. DolomiteC. FluoriteE. None of the above B. SphaleriteD. All of the above 11. The following is/are characteristic of MVT deposits except. A. Platform carbonate sequence deposits C.Deposits are in dolostone E. None of the above B. Ore is epigenetic and stratabound D. All of the above 12. Which of the following is a major commodity of MVT deposits? A. GoldC. IronE. None of the above B. CopperD. All of the above 13. The following are examples of places where MVT is abundant except for one. A. Tri StateC. Grand CanyonE. None of the above B. Viburnum TrendD. All of the above 14. The following are examples of exhalative deposits associated with MVT deposits except for one. A. LeadC. BariteE. None of the above B. ZincD. All of the above 15. A.Salt Diapirs are associated with MVT deposits. B. Most MVT deposits are surrounded by carbonate rocks. A. A is true and B is falseC. Both statements are trueE. No conclusion can be drawn B. A is false and B is trueD. Both statement are false 16. The following are nature of ores of MVT deposits except for one. A. Massive replacement zonesC. Disseminated fractures of crystalsE. None of the above B. Open space fillingsD. All of the above 17. Which mining method poses the greatest environmental concern for MVT deposits? A. Smelter ActivitiesC. Acid DrainageE. None of the Above B. Tailings PondsD.Both A and B 18. MVT d eposits can be located at the following except for one. A. Fault zoneC. Fold beltsE. None of the above B. Thrust beltsD. All of the above 19. The following are trace element minerals of MVT deposit except for one. A. SeC. SrE. None of the above B. SbD. All of the above 20. Significant airborne amounts of the following elements may lead to potential environmental consideration of MVT deposit except for one. A. CadmiumC. ArsenicE. None of the above B. MercuryD. All of the above 21. Which of the following rock types are mainly found in MVT deposits? A. IgneousC. SedimentaryE.None of the above B. MetamorphicD. All of the above 22. The following are considered nature of ores for ore bodies of MVT deposits except for one. A. Massive replacement zonesC. Open space fillings of fracturesE. None of the above B. Bleaching (Oxidation)D. All of the above 23. MVT deposits are commonly located in what type of structure? A. Platform or Basin flanksC. Volcanic VentsE. None of the above B. Breccia Pi pesD. All of the above 24. Which toxic metal could be a problem in the immediate vicinity of mineralized pipes in for MVT deposit? A. CopperC. ZincE. None of the above B. LeadD.All of the above 25. Which state produces the highest amount of MVT deposits in the United States? A. ArizonaC. MississippiE. None of the above B. FloridaD. All of the above Chapter 28: Solution- Collapse Breccia Pipe U Deposits Questions 1. The following are geophysical methods used in Solution- Collapse Breccia Pipe U Deposits except for one. C. Gamma-radiation SurveysC. Ground Penetrating RadarE. None of the above D. Induced Polarization MethodD. All of the above 2. The following are rocks associated with Solution- Collapse Breccia Pipe U Deposits except for one. C. SandstoneC.SiltstoneE. None of the above D. LimestoneD. All of the above 3. Which of the following is a wall rock alteration method for Solution- Collapse Breccia Pipe U Deposits? C. RecrystallizationC. Hydrothermal BrecciationE. None of the ab ove D. Bleaching (Oxidation)D. All of the above 4. The following are examples of Solution- Collapse Breccia Pipe U Deposits except for one. C. Orphan LodeC. Pigeon, ArizonaE. None of the above D. EZ-2D. All of the above 5. The following are major commodities of in Solution- Collapse Breccia Pipe U Deposits except for one. C. ZincC. CopperE. None of the aboveD. LeadD. All of the above 6. Solution- Collapse Breccia Pipe U Deposits are commonly located in what type of structure? C. Breccia pipesC. Thrust BeltsE. None of the above D. Volcanic VentsD. All of the above 7. Which of the following is the mining method used in Solution – Collapse Breccia Pipe U deposits? C. Long wall methodC. Underground room methodE. None of the above D. Pillar methodD. All of the above 8. All are ore processing methods use in Solution – Collapse Breccia Pipe U deposits except for one. C. PulverizingC. Magnetic SeparationE. None of the above D. FlotationD.All of the above 9. Which state contain s the largest amount of Solution – Collapse Breccia Pipe U deposits? C. MinnesotaC. ArizonaE. None of the Above D. MississippiD. All of the Above 10. The following are primary ore minerals of Solution – Collapse Breccia Pipe U deposits except for one. C. UraniumC. SphaleriteE. None of the above D. FluoriteD. All of the above 11. The following is/are characteristic of Solution – Collapse Breccia Pipe deposits except. C. Platform carbonate sequence deposits C. Deposits are in dolostone E. None of the above D. Ore is epigenetic and stratabound D.All of the above 12. Which of the following is a major commodity of Solution – Collapse Breccia Pipe deposits? C. GoldC. IronE. None of the above D. UraniumD. All of the above 13. The following are synonym of Solution – Collapse Breccia Pipe U Deposits except for one. C. Orphan Lode-type depositC. Podiform ChromiteE. None of the above D. Sedimentary breccia pipe depositD. All of the above 14. The following are examples of exhalative deposits associated with Solution – Collapse Breccia pipe deposits except for one. C. LeadC. BariteE. None of the above D. ZincD. All of the above 15. A.Primary ore in Solution – Collapse Breccia pipe deposits are confined in volcanic plumes. B. Most Solution – Collapse Breccia pipe deposits are surrounded by carbonate rocks. C. A is true and B is falseC. Both statements are trueE. No conclusion can be drawn D. A is false and B is trueD. Both statement are false 16. Which of the following solution can dissolve Uranium ore found in Solution – Collapse Breccia pipe deposit? A. Acid solutionC. Solvent extractionE. None of the above B. Alkaline solutionD. Both A and B 17. Which mining method poses the greatest environmental concern for Solution – Collapse Breccia pipe deposits?A. Smelter ActivitiesC. Acid DrainagesE. None of the Above B. Tailings PondsD. Both A and B 18. What kind of cement is found to bind together host rocks o f Solution – Collapse Breccia pipe deposits A. Carbonate mineralsC. Portland cementE. None of the above B. ClayD. All of the above 19. Which of the following is a trace element of Solution – Collapse Breccia pipe deposits? A. SeC. SrE. None of the above B. MoD. All of the above 20. Which toxic metal could be a problem in the immediate vicinity of mineralized pipes in for Solution – Collapse Breccia pipe deposit? A. Zinc metalC.ArsenicE. None of the above B. LeadmetalD. All of the above 21. How many months will it take for primary ore to oxidize when exposed to surface weathering in Solution – Collapse Breccia pipe deposits? A. Two monthsC. Six monthsE. None of the above B. Four monthsD. All of the above 22. Which of the following  prevents and delays the oxidation of some breccia pipe ores in Solution – Collapse Breccia pipe deposits? A. TrapsC. Massive sulphide capE. None of the above B. SealsD. All of the above 23. Which of the following is a p athfinder mineral for recognition of sealed breccia pipe?A. GoethiteC. DolomiteE. None of the above B. HematiteD. All of the above 24. Which of the following are potential environmental considerations in Solution – Collapse Breccia pipe deposits? A. Radon radiationsC. Radioactive elementsE. None of the above B. Gamma radiationsD. All of the above 25. What is the end product of uranium when precipitated by either ion exchange or solvent extraction in Solution – Collapse Breccia pipe deposits? A. Ammonium phosphateC. Ammonium diuranateE. None of the above B. Ammonium saltsD. All of the above

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To what extent is the US dominant in the world Essay

To what extent is the US dominant in the world - Essay Example Therefore the emergence of a global media has enhanced the chances of understanding how international politics across states has expanded and how the same has meant a much better horizon than was imagined by the people in the yesteryears. This paper discusses how the global media has turned in a new leaf within the global political spheres and what this means for the sake of the globalization drive which is rampant all over the world. It is important first and foremost to understand how the international politics are handled by the reins of the global media. There is a dire need to know that the global media comprises of all those actors and stakeholders who are present between the viewers, readers and attention grabbers, and the news-makers. This means that the global media comprises of a number of different people, not all of which represent a singular entity at the same time (Goldberg, 1997). The viewer could be the one who is involved within the dissemination of information or he could be someone who breaks the news to the people spread in different corners of the world. What remains important meanwhile is how well the people have coped up with the pressure realms that has been entrusted upon them, and how adequately appropriate their respective stances have come about within the aegis of the international politics in this day and age. The global media makes sure that the avenues of international politics are kept covered no matter how difficult it is to partake in the entire exercise. The different political events and issues are studied at length, analyzed and discussed for days at stretch. This puts the media persons under a spell because they need to be at their best and give in what is required of them in the long run scheme of things. Their jobs are well cut out because there is a lot of expectation from them, and they must deliver to move ahead in the coming times. The role of the global media is therefore to undertake efforts which shall give mileag e to international politics, its relevant actors, stakeholders, the end beneficiaries and so on. This is an interesting understanding because the global media has to be on its feet at all times and manifest its truest basis consistently. This has been proven with solid research and experience that has come to the fore regarding the global media and its linkage with the international political forces (Semati, 2004). The understanding of international politics has been there because this entity has been under discussion in nearly all spheres of life. This implicates for the excessive use of the international political manifestations within the lives of the citizens of the land, and in nearly all their undertakings – all of which are centered on the premise of bringing in sanity within the related ranks. The international political understandings have been supplemented with the ideology of the global media coming to their rescue. This has essentially meant that the political det ails regarding different parties, groups and factions has generally been made stronger with the changing times, and the emphasis of the same has rested on the shoulders of the ones who are running the global media domains. It is a fact that the political manifestations of the present times have relied staunchly on the hiring of the right people who could convey

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Business Environment And Strategic Management Essay

Business Environment And Strategic Management - Essay Example However, Nafeeseh and Al-Mudimigh (2011) argued that although technology has increased the utility and performance of the corporations, there also exists noteworthy threats regarding the security and privacy of information shared over internet platforms. Kanet and Stà ¶ÃƒÅ¸lein (2010) observed that because of extensive competition in the international marketplace firms are trying to reduce their operational expenditure and generate a cost competitive advantage. In this context, application of technology has improved the performance of the firms by reducing the manual work capital and time required for completing the operational activities of business houses. For instance, with the help of production equipment firms can accelerate their production process and also reduce the number of man-hours required. Similarly, ICT has helped in connecting the functions of the organizations with each other with aspects such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management ( CRM), etc (Qutaishat et al. 2012). The changes in the business environment have been largely accredited to the technological changes taking place in the world. Hosman (2011) considered that technological inclusion in business firms is taking place at a rapid pace which has increased the frequency of changes being incorporated in the work structure of firms and can also hamper the performance and productivity of the business houses. There are arguments and counter-arguments regarding the role of technology in the corporate world.

Approaches to Quality Management Discussed here six thought leaders Essay

Approaches to Quality Management Discussed here six thought leaders who had a lasting impact on quality management practices thr - Essay Example The historical backgrounds of quality gurus, development of interests in quality, and their contributions to total quality management are also elaborated. The research used secondary methodology in collecting data. Data collected was analyzed using qualitative data analysis. Key words: total quality management, quality gurus, organization, contributions Introduction to the Topic During the 1960s, concerns about widespread global competitiveness forced most companies to show new interests in total quality management (Goetsch & Davis, 2013). The leading six quality gurus who augmented interests in quality management included Crosby, Deming, Feigenbaum, Ishikawa, Juran and Taguchi. These gurus were active consultants, lecturers, and authors with several years of experience. Most of the quality gurus were at advanced ages and widely influenced the growth of industries through development of distinctive approaches to total quality management. Total quality management philosophy seeks to i ntegrate all organizational functions to focus on meeting customer needs and company objectives (Summers, 2009). Examples of organizational functions include marketing, customer service, engineering, finance, design, and production. It is critical for all organizations to comprehend the contributions of quality gurus and institute their ideas into business operations to enhance performance. Research Methodology The data collection method for this study was secondary methodology. This methodology involved collecting data from already available datasets and researches done by other people. The sources of secondary data the researcher considered include companies’ publications, journals, periodicals and books that have been published under the subject of total quality management. Secondary methodology was advantageous because it helped reduce the costs of research such as finances, time, and facilities. The researcher selected the most recent resources from credible sources such as libraries and websites. The research adopted evaluative research strategy. Evaluative strategy involved assessing systems, theories, and frameworks of total quality management in relation to their effectiveness and outcomes. Data analysis involved comparing the contributions of various quality gurus, identifying their similarities and differences, and forecasting their outcomes. Data was analyzed by reorganizing and refining it to adapt standards of simplicity and understandability. Findings, Analysis and Interpretation Philip Crosby Philip Crosby started his career in industry as an inspector. Later, he became a vice president of quality at ITT. Crosby left ITT in 1979 and founded Philipp Crosby Associates, Inc., and Crosby Quality College that had trained 35,000 managers and executives by 1986 (Summers, 2009). Crosby influenced General Motors; General Motors purchased over 10% of Crosby stock in addition to setting its own Crosby school similar to IBM, Johnson & Johnson and Ch rysler (Besterfield, 2009). Crosby directed his messages to top managers and sought to change their perceptions and attitudes about quality. He spoke of quality as conformance to requirements and made managers to believe that products consistently reproducing its design specifications conformed to standards of high quality. According to Crosby, the goal of quality improvement is achievement of zero-defects. This is achieved through prevention rather

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Cusstom of The Country by Edith Wharton Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cusstom of The Country by Edith Wharton - Essay Example The force and power of Wharton's words is felt throughout the book. In the last chapter, Paul Marvell, home for Easter, finds himself completely alone in the huge 'museum-like' hotel that is to be his home. The descriptions of the rooms with their empty splendor and that of the library with its untouched volumes, is gripping. The reader cannot miss the empathy that Paul feels with Vandyke's Grey Boy with his face "infinitely noble and charming, and yet (in spite of the dog) so sad and lonely that he too might have come home that very day to a strange house in which none of his old things could be found" (Chapter 46). With a few well chosen adjectives and phrases - "the white fur rugs and brocade chairs seemed maliciously on the watch for smears and ink-spots" (Chapter 46), "none of the new servants--they were always new" (Chapter 46), "massive unused inkstands and immense immaculate blotters; not a single volume had slipped its golden prison" (Chapter 46), Wharton has made the very l oneliness the boy feels to emanate from the book and grip the reader. In the scene where the Spragg family gathers for breakfast, Wharton describes the settings superbly.

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Assignment Bachelor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Assignment Bachelor - Essay Example More to that, law sets out procedures on how things should be done, who should be involved and so on and these procedures apply to all people who are governed by that law. Moving away from the basics, this paper shall be guided by questions regarding the Australian legal system so that a clear understanding of the various implications of their legal system is demonstrated. Do common law, the courts and the doctrine of Precededent continue to serve the useful function in the regulation of business conduct and the resolution of business disputes Alternatively, should all business resolution be subject to legislation The Australian court system is similar to that of Britain as it was a British colony. It mainly uses the common law and the statute. The statute is made by the legislation while the common law follows the doctrine of precedence which is borrowed from a Latin phrase stare decisis which translates to "the decision says" or simply the rule made by previous judges. The doctrine of precedence is not constituted so much on the ideal decision made but rather the principles that guided the arrival to that decision. (Gilford and Gilfford, 1983,p5). As pointed out, not all law follows precedence and this is where statute law comes in. legislation allows for codification so that common law may be altered to set new precedence and also suit with the current needs of the community. The Australian court system is categorized into 3 distinct courts namely the high court (supreme courts) the county courts and the magistrate courts. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land and has jurisdictions to listen to cases of appeal and also handle cases of high profile say constitutional challenges and interpretation. The magistrate courts are the lowest courts and handle civil and criminal cases of lighter nature. Given the fact that the doctrine of precedence prevails in the Australian court system, the magistrate and distinct courts are bound to follow rulings of the higher court where two cases are similar in fact and circumstance. This means that a lower court cannot be able to overrule precedence. On the other hand, the high court has the jurisdiction to overhaul previous precedence if it feels that it is outdated and therefore set new precedence. Common law has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, it has the advantage of setting a pattern of handling disputes hence one may be in a position to predetermine a court ruling just by studying previous rulings. As noted, any law should have consistency and common law provides for this. In the instance where no similar case has been handled before, common law gives room to set precedence. It also assists judges arrive at a decision faster and hence save time and acquire sound mind since previous reasoning used by judges is at the center of common law. Common law has played a major role in maintaining regulation of business conduct through setting out remedies to business misconduct, negligence and damages and as such has acted as a deterrent to stop individuals from repeating similar mistakes. Legislation plays a pertinent role in business resolution to disputes and perhaps should always be the basis upon which remedies are found. However, not all

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Malathion, the Benefits of its Application Outweighs the Validated Article

Malathion, the Benefits of its Application Outweighs the Validated Risk - Article Example They further assured that the chemical application is safe because it degrades to harmless materials rapidly after application (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, 2005, Section 1). But the opponents argued that some sector of Genericville City community may be susceptible to the potential hazards of Malathion contamination. They estimated there could be as many as 90 cases of Malathion related illnesses from the proposed application program with four that may be fatal according to reports (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, 2005, Section 3). At stake in this situation, aside from the safety of the residents and its ecosystem is the economy of the city, which depended on tourism. Without the pesticide application, tourists would be hesitant to come to the city. With the use of the chemical the ecosystem that is the best asset for tourism may be affected. Choosing the best option, therefore, requires weighing the benefits against the risk and finding a win-win solution. To obtain a rational decision let us examine the veracity of the arguments presented by both the proponents and opponents of using Malathion and equate them with information at hand. The arguments revolve around the fact that Malathion is toxic to humans and useful insects within the ecosystem. The pros assured that the toxicity hazard is negligible while oppositions insisted it can cause the fatality. Let us, therefore, examine what authorities and studies have to say. As far as toxicity of the chemical is concerned, there are several ways of human exposure to the hazard either ingestion, inhalation, or through dermal means. Sources of exposures are through the air during and after spraying, on residues remaining on leaves and materials, and on contaminated water. The chemical dose that may be fatal to human is far greater than the possible exposure caused by both ground and aerial spraying using approved levels. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the EPA allow a maximum amount of 8 parts per million (ppm) of Malathion to be present as a residue on specific crops used as foods. The risk associated with overdose or fatal dose is non-existent if proper safety precautionary measures are strictly followed. Much of the residues can be removed by washing. In fact, the US FDA approved the use of Malathion as a prescription drug for the treatment of head lice on humans (APHIS, 2006). The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) classifies Malathion as having "suggestive evidence of carcinogenicity, but the evidence is not sufficient to assess human carcinogenic potential" (APHIS, 2006). Â  

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Lego Branding Community Essay Example for Free

Lego Branding Community Essay Online communities are becoming â€Å"places† of belonging, information, and emotional support that people cannot do without. These social groups have a real existence for their participants, and thus have consequential effects on many aspects of behaviour. This article examines collective value creation and empowerment in an online brand community. It presents the main features of an online brand community, the process of value co-creation, and motivators for participating in online brand communities. These key factors jointly characterize collective value creation and empowerment. This netnographic study focuses on an online brand community called BrickBuilders, which is a meeting place for LEGO builders in Finland. BrickBuilders’ members feel a sense of belonging, they share similar motivations, and they create value together. Introduction A brand community can be formed by any group of people who share a common interest in a specific brand and who create a parallel social universe rife with its own myths, values, rituals, vocabulary, and hierarchy (Muniz and O’Guinn, 2001; Cova and Pace, 2006). Brand communities become more than a place. They become a common understanding of a shared identity, which can be found in both face-to-face interactions and in cyberspace (Muniz and O’Guinn, 2001). Analysts no longer question whether the concept of community should have a place in the domain of marketing (Cova and Pace, 2006). However, the concepts of brand community and online brand community are relatively new and have yet to find their place in the academic world. Traditionally, companies produced products relatively independently. Today, consumers and other stakeholders can create value more collectively. The purpose of this article is to describe and analyze collective value creation and empowerment in an online brand community. Main Features of Online Brand Communities Muniz and O’Guinn (2001) used three constructs to identify the distinguishing features of brand communities. First, a sense of belonging is a connection that members feel toward one another and the collective sense of difference from others outside of the community. The second feature is the presence of shared rituals and traditions that surround the brand. Rituals and traditions perpetuate the community’s shared history, culture, and consciousness. Traditions include certain behavioural norms and values. The third feature is a sense of moral responsibility, which is a felt sense of duty or obligation to the community. The sense of moral responsibility is what produces collective action. Heinonen and Halonen (2007) have identified motivators for online brand community activities. Members want to belong to something, build and strengthen their identities, get feedback from others, and create something new. The Process of Collective Value Creation Schau and colleagues (2009) have identified the process of value co-creation in online brand communities. The process consists of four thematic practices, which are social networking, impression management, community engagement, and brand use. Social networking is a practice that focuses on creating, enhancing, and sustaining ties among brand community members. These include welcoming, empathizing, and governing. These practices operate primarily in the intangible domain of the emotions and reinforce the social or moral bonds within the community. Impression management includes evangelizing and justifying. Online brand community members act as altruistic emissaries and ambassadors of good will. Members devote time and effort to the brand, share the news of the brand, and inspire others to participate in the community. Community-engagement practices are those that reinforce members’ escalating engagement with the brand community. These include staking, milestoning, badging, and documenting. Staking, milestoning, and badging mean that community members bring out brand experiences and proclaim openly that they are fans of a particular brand. Documenting occurs when brand community members construct a narrative of their brand experiences. Brand-use practices are specifically related to improved or enhanced use of the focal brand. These include grooming, customizing, and commoditizing. Grooming means that members share, for example, homemade tools and advice. Customizing means modifying existing ideas and discovering new ideas, which result in customized products. Commoditizing means that members rant or chastise some products, but at the same time, they have new ideas on how those products could be developed. Synthesis of the Theoretical Framework The main features of online brand communities, value co-creation, and motivators for participating in online brand communities (Heinonen and Halonen, 2007; Kozinets, 2010; Muniz and O’Guinn, 2001; Schau et al., 2009) are the key factors that jointly – realized in various combinations – characterize collective value creation and empowerment in an online brand community. The collective value creation and empowerment in the online brand community may occur when its members have a sense of belonging, they create value together, and they have similar motives. The collective value creation and empowerment of the online brand community allows mutual interaction between the online brand community and the company as well as other stakeholders. Companies have an opportunity to communicate with consumers and influence their opinions (Kozinets, 2010) and vice-versa. We have moved away from one-way transactions to a relationship-based interaction model that emphasizes consumers’ and other stakeholders’ roles in networks and communities.

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A Look At St Michael The Archangel

A Look At St Michael The Archangel The Holy Scriptures often speak of created intelligences, other than humans, who worship God in heaven and act as His messengers and agents on earth (The Vatican). These beings are known as angels. Angels are mentioned in the Bible when they deliver messages, or appear in humans dreams. Gabriel is the angel who appears most to humans. Michael is called an archangel and a spirit prince. (Students Life Application Bible, Daniel 10:13, 31). The archangel Michael is also a saint and is revered world-wide. What is an angel? The Vatican describes them as spiritual, non-corporeal beings (The Vatican). This implies that angels are something altogether separate from human beings. But, angels are also blessed with free will. Angels have a choice whether to follow God or not. God at the beginning of time created from nothing both creatures together, the spiritual and the corporeal, that is, the angelic and the earthly, and thus He created human nature as having both, since it is made up of spirit and of body (The Vatican). Angels then, do not have bodies and are just spirits. They can take the form of a human, as they often do when they are mentioned in the Bible. But it is not a true body like ours. Humans are both spiritual and corporeal. We have a body and we have a soul. Angels live in heaven with God and according to St. Augustine, always behold the face of my Father who is in heaven. St. Michael is called an archangel, where does this place him? There are classes of angels, according t o Pope Gregory 1. This is the order he believed was to be the order of angels from highest rank to lowest: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Archangels and Angels. This points out that angels are actually are on the lowest scale of the celestial hierarchy. Even Michael, who is an archangel, is not one of the higher ranks of angels. But, we do not hear of any types of angels specifically except for the four, or sometimes seven archangels. The four archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. (Michael and All Angels) According to the Bible, an angel spoke, I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who stand ready and enter before the glory of the Lord. In Enoch: 20, the seven archangels are listed. And these are the names of the holy angels who watch: 1. Uriel, one of the holy angels, who is over the world and over Tartarus. 2. Raphael, one of the holy angels, who is over the spirits of men. 3. Raguel, one of the holy angels who takes vengean ce on the world of the luminaries. 4. Michael, one of the holy angels, to wit, he that is set over the best part of mankind and over chaos. 5. Saraqà ¢Ãƒ ªl, one of the holy angels, who is set over the spirits, who sin in the spirit. 6. Gabriel, one of the holy angels, who is over Paradise and the serpents and the Cherubim. 7. Remiel, one of the holy angels, whom God set over those who rise. It is often said that these angels are associated with planets of the Solar system and specifically, Michael is paired with Saturn. (Michael and all Angels). Michael the Archangel is mentioned only four times in the Bible. He is mentioned in Revelations Then there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and his angels. And the dragon lost the battle and he and his angels were forced out of heaven. This gives us the image that Michael is the one who physically throws Satan out of heaven, though it was God who banished him. Daniel states, But the prince of the kingdom of Persia opposed me twenty-one days. So Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, and I left him there with the prince of the kingdom of Persiaà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦.There is no one with me who contends against these princes except Michael, your prince (Daniel 21:13,21). Michael is twice called a prince in these Bible verses. This gives us an image of Michael being exulted over others in heaven and on earth. This is true, he is one of the beloved angels and he is worshipped on earth as well. According to research, Michael is also mentioned again in Daniel At that time Michael, the great prince, the protector of your people, shall arise. (Daniel 12:1). As you can see, in many of these Bible verses Michael is called a spirit prince, prince, protector of the people. Michael, in a way, is a prince. He fights for the protection of the reign of God, and he helps humans in their times of need. I admire St. Michael the Archangel because he is willing to risk everything for his Lord. Even though God does not like killing and war, he has a heavenly army and Michael is its commander. Michael fights for the one true thing he believes in. He is someone I would aspire to be like.

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The Simpsons: Appealing to the Middle-Class :: Composition Rhetoric

The Simpsons: Appealing to the Middle-Class For this assignment I watched the show The Simpsons, which comes on the Fox network on Sunday nights at eight. The show is about an animated nuclear family and their everyday lives. The Simpsons targets the middle class families that live in the suburbs of America. The show mainly appeals to families that composed of parents who work at blue-collar jobs and have children, between the ages of 10-18. You can tell this from the commercials, how The Simpsons life style is portrayed and the jokes contained in the show. The commercials seen along side the Simpsons apply to the middle class family. These commercials are meant for both the adults and the children who watch the Simpsons. One such commercial is for Toys R Us. The commercial shows a mom and dad taking their son to the local Toys R Us. Inside the store we get shots of the newest toys to appeal to the kids who are watching the commercial. The commercial then states that it has the most toys for the lowest price. This statement is meant to appeal to the parents who have a low income and can only buy toys that are inexpensive. Among other commercials that are viewed during The Simpsons are family vacation advertisements. One such one is of a family going to Disney world. The commercials states that Disney world has everything for everyone in the family. The advertisement shows the Dad playing golf, which is meant to appeal to the dads who watch the Simpsons. The commercial also shows the mom buying something at the gift shop, which is meant to appeal to the moms who watch the show. And finally the commercial shows the children going on the rides, which is meant to appeal to the kids who watch the show. Another commercial seen with The Simpsons is a commercial for a mini van. In this commercial the mini van is compared to a standard two-door car. The commercial asks, 'How are you going to fit your family in that two-door car';? This commercial is meant to appeal to people who have a large family that needs all that extra space only a mini van can provide. Also the min van comes equipped with a small T.V, and shows kids watching it. This is meant to appeal to children who now instead of just sitting there can watch TV on long trips.

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The Role of Trees in Terry Kays To Dance With The White Dog :: Dance With The White Dog Essays

The Role of Trees in Terry Kay's To Dance With The White Dog In the novel To Dance With The White Dog there are many similarities between Sam Peek and Kay’s father. The Dedication and Authors Note, located before and after the[b1] novel, give the reader insight into the true meaning of the book. In the Authors Note Kay speaks of his father and the fruit trees that he cared for; from this a correlation arises with Sam Peek and his beloved pecan trees. Terry Kay’s father cultivates fruit trees. Fruit trees generally live for approximately ten years then die off. It takes fruit trees three to five years before they will bear fruit. Overall fruit trees require a short term commitment. Although Kay’s father became famous for his well grown trees, it did not require the dedication and time that Sam Peek had to exert for his pecan trees.[b2] In the novel Sam Peek has dedicated his life to the growth and production of his pecan trees. Pecan trees take at least five years to yield fruit and can live up to seventy-five years. They take much more time and effort to yield profit. Cultivating pecan trees is a life long project. In the novel Sam Peek dedicates his life to the care of his pecan trees. In his old age, when he is retired from the tree business, he still has the commitment to go to the pecan orchard and pull weeds. This shows Sam Peeks strong bonds to his life and family[b3]. He is very much tied do wn to the land around his family home. His dedication to his trees is because he wishes to provide a good life for his family. He pours a lot of effort into this wish. While reading this novel the reader interprets the meaning of the author based on the knowledge that the book is fictional; however, when the reader finds out that there is some truth to the story at the end of the book they must reevaluate their interpretations.[b4][b4] Kay reveals in the Authors Note at the end of the book that the character of Sam Peek is based on his father.

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Definition of Leadership :: Leadership Traits

In its simplest terms, leadership is the process of influencing the behavior of another person while fully respecting the freedom of that person (Encarta). Two aspects of this definition are important. First, a significant part of effective leadership is the close connection between the leader and the follower, which often determines the success of the leader's mission. Unfortunately, this leader-follower relationship cannot be created according to some simple formula. Without inspiration, involvement, and encouragement from both participants, the relationship can not be effective. Leaders, in particular, must give an extra effort to reach out to followers in order to initiate and develop this alliance that is so critical to the achievement of goals. The leaders face special challenges as they try to communicate and interact with their followers and potential followers to understand and know what they think and what they do. Developing their leadership style in response to diversity , and ethics will give them an edge as they build relationships with their subordinators. Secondly, leaders who begin to use force, coercion, and manipulation must later use more force, coercion, and manipulation precisely because their ability to influence - truly lead - is diminished. In my company I have never seen our lead to use any force to associates for achieving goals, because he’d like to be a true leader for a long time. I believe that there are times in the life of a team or organization when the formula leader appropriately exercises the authority of his or her position or deal with organizational issues. Leaders should know that creativity and innovation are the life blood of their organization. New ideas can lead to programs that are already going on or planned in the organization .So, the mission of every leader should be to search continually for ideas and programs that are superior to the organization is currently committed to. In a word, it's called progress. Leaders respect the dignity and worth of each follower. There are two behaviors which are keys to this. First, the director of our company has done everything possible to reduce status differentials in team, which had been based on socioeconomic factors and job titles. Secondly, he has made clear by his behavior that he valued and respected all followers, especially those who were less powerful, less healthy, less educated, younger, older, poorer, less skillful in communication, and different in race, language, religion, gender or sexual orientation from the majority.

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How to Make a Lava Lamp with Household Ingredients Essay

Edited by Sondra C, Nicole Willson, Jack Herrick, Krystle and 104 others Two Methods:With Vegetable Oil and WaterWith Mineral Oil and Alcohol Have you ever caught yourself being hypnotized by a lava lamp? You hold it in your hand, move it slightly, and watch as the liquid quivers and separates into different shapes and colors. Then you look at the price tag – and put it back. To do your wallet a favor and make a lava lamp with household ingredients, follow these instructions. Method 1 of 2: With Vegetable Oil and Water 1. Get a 16- or 64-oz soda or water bottle. Any tightly sealable container works, but you probably have an empty water bottle laying around somewhere. Ad 2. Add oil, water, and food coloring to the bottle. Fill the bottle 3/4 of the way full with vegetable oil, then top it off with water and about 10 drops of food coloring (or enough to make the solution appear fairly dark). 3. 3 Cut an Alka-Seltzer or Airborne tablet into pieces. You can either ration the pieces to make your lava lamp last longer or add more than one piece at a time for more interesting effects. 4 Add pieces of the tablet to the bottle. This will cause the mixture to bubble. Repeat every time the bubbling stops. Unfortunately, with this type of lava lamp, the effects are temporary. 5 Put the cap on and tip the bottle back and forth. This will cause the tiny droplets of colored water moving around inside the oil to join together, making bigger lava-squirt blobs. That’s what scientists call them, anyway. 6 Place a strong flashlight or search light under the bottle. This will illuminate the bubbles for maximum effect. But don’t leave your bottle on top of a heated surface! Plastic will melt and you’ll get oil everywhere. Method 2 of 2: With Mineral Oil and Alcohol Get a glass container. Glass can withstand heat if you want to keep your lava continuously moving — otherwise plastic will do just fine. Any container that you can seal up and shake is good. 2 Add in a combination of 70% rubbing alcohol, 90% isopropyl alcohol and water. You’ll need more 70% than 90% to get the right density and just a few tablespoons of water should do the trick. The water is heavier and makes it easier for the â€Å"lava† to flow through. Experiment with ratios to see what  warrants the best results. 3 Add in mineral oil as your lava. If you’d like it dyed, use artist’s oil paints or shred a permanent marker. Stop before it reaches the top and overflows! The mineral oil will not mix with the alcohol/water solution. Don’t worry. If you’d like to dye the water, add food coloring, which is also water soluble. However, the more variables you have, the more likely it is not to work. 4 Put it on top of a heat lamp or light. As it warms, the lava should move. If the lava isn’t cooperating, you may want to add Turpentine or another paint solvent to force it to coalesce. Be careful with dangerous chemicals — you don’t want anything all over your furniture, on your clothes, or eaten by the family dog. Top of Form Add your own method Save Bottom of Form Tips You can also add decorations like glitter, sequins, or tiny beads. If you don’t have Airborne or Alka-Seltzer, salt works as well. This experiment demonstrates some science you already know: that oil and water do not mix. Even if you try to really shake-up the bottle, the oil breaks up into small drops but will not mix with the water or the (water-based) food coloring. This will keep the oil distinct from the colored water, giving the lamp a nice effect. In addition, the Alka-Seltzer or Airborne tablet reacts with the water to make tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide gas. These bubbles attach themselves to the blobs of colored water and cause them to float to the surface. When the bubbles pop, the color blobs sink back to the bottom of the bottle. Salt is less expensive than Alka-Seltzer, but if you use salt, you will still have to add more to keep your lava lamp working. Lava lamps such as these are a great way to reuse empty jars such as those used for  peanut butter and jelly. They’re also great for science projects. has instructions on how to make several kinds of â€Å"heatable† lava lamps. Warnings Do not drink the contents. Do not heat the bottle like a normal lava lamp or allow it to become heated by holding the light underneath it for too long if using plastic. Hot oil in a plastic bottle is a definite hazard. Things You’ll Need With Vegetable Oil & Water 16 or 64-oz plastic soda bottle and cap, empty and clean Vegetable oil Food coloring An Alka-Seltzer or Airborne tablet Water With Mineral Oil & Alcohol 70% and 90% alcohol Water Container, sealable Mineral oil Artist’s oil paints Food coloring (optional) Light or heat lamp Related wikiHows How to Create a Science Fair Project How to Make a Lava Lamp from a Water Bottle How to Create Your Own 3D Glasses How to Test Insect Responses to Color How to Decorate a Lampshade How to Add Color to a Fluorescent Light How to Build a Lamp How to Make a Soda Bottle Volcano How to Make a Rainbow How to Make a Cloud in a Bottle How to Make a Light Bulb How to Make an Oil Lamp Sources and Citations is the original source of this article and has more instructions on this experiment. Article Info Featured Article Categories: Featured Articles | Candles Lamps and Fireplaces | Science Recent edits by: WritingEnthusiast14, Qimu, Souphead In other languages: Espaà ±ol: Cà ³mo crear una lampara de lava, Deutsch: Wie man eine Lavalampe aus Haushaltszutaten macht, Portuguà ªs: Como Fazer uma Là ¢mpada de Lava com Ingredientes Caseiros, Italiano: Come Costruire una Lampada di Lava con Ingredienti Casalinghi, Nederlands: een lavalamp maken, Franà §ais: Comment faire une lampe à   lave avec des ingrà ©dients mà ©nagers, Ð  Ã'Æ'Ã' Ã' Ã ºÃ ¸Ã ¹: Ã' Ã ´Ã µÃ »Ã °Ã'‚Ã'Å' Ð »Ã °Ã ²Ã ¾Ã ²Ã'Æ'Ã'Ž Ð »Ã °Ã ¼Ã ¿Ã'Æ' Ð ¸Ã · Ð ¿Ã ¾Ã ´Ã'€Ã'Æ'Ã'‡Ð ½Ã'‹Ã'… Ð ¼Ã °Ã'‚Ð µÃ'€Ð ¸Ã °Ã »Ã ¾Ã ² Discuss Meet a Community Member Meet Hinni, a wikiHowian from South Australia who has been active in the community for over a year. She’s started 122 articles and patrolled over 22,000 changes. She enjoys writing articles, answering requests, and patrolling recent changes. 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‘How Effective Is Elizabeth Gaskell In Creating A Sense Of Foreboding And Danger In ‘The Old Nurse’s Story’ For A Modern Audience?’

English GCSE Coursework Essay In Response To The Question ‘How Effective Is Elizabeth Gaskell In Creating A Sense Of Foreboding And Danger In ‘The Old Nurse's Story' For A Modern Audience?' It is my belief that, for a modern audience, the author is effective in creating a sense of foreboding and danger in ‘The Old Nurse's Story'. This is done by: * The grandiosity and size of the estate in relation to Hestor and Miss Rosamond and their background; also, their youth and difference in society in relation to the residents of the manor (excluding the servants). * The withholding of information by the servants and reluctance to divulge into past happenings. * Writing through Hestor's point of view- therefore exaggeration of key points. * Hestor and Miss Rosamond viewing experiences at the manor from the outside looking in due to the lack of time spent at the manor, and the descriptions of Mrs Stark and Miss Furnivall. * The Vulnerability of both Miss Rosamond and Hestor. You can read also Audience Adaptation Paper The size, grandiosity and history to the manor create an image that Hestor is out of place at the manor due to her background in a lower class. This is illustrated in â€Å"Then, at one end of the hall, was a great fireplace, as large as the sides of houses where I come from.† This indicates a wide difference in class, as rich people have larger and more grand houses than people with less money. The â€Å"as large as houses where I come from† is a simile that shows the massiveness of the fireplace, but also that Hestor came from a poorer background than what was displayed at the manor. A mysterious atmosphere is created by the reluctance of the servants to tell Hester about the past at the Lords Furnivall estate, especially over the organ playing and the Spectre Child. The servants' unwillingness to mention the past is displayed when Hester enquires about the organ playing: â€Å"I asked Dorothy who had been playing the music, and James said very shortly that I was a gawk to the winds soughing through the trees for music: but I saw Dorothy looked at him very fearfully, and Bessy, the kitchen maid, said something beneath her breath, and went quite white.† This implies that there is something going on, or has gone on, that the servants are not letting on to Hester about. This is evident in the way that James replies â€Å"shortly†. This indicates that he was trying to quash the conversation. Also, Dorothy and Bessy's reactions shows that they know something on the contrary and are not allowed to tell Hester about it. By Dorothy looking fearfully, she is scared of the consequences if she told Hester about the history of the organ player. When Dorothy shows Hester the picture, she is very anxious to turn the picture back around to conceal the hidden side of the portrait. She also tells Hester to never tell anyone that she knows about the portrait, and that Dorothy told her. This implies that Dorothy is not allowed to tell Hester about the portrait, adding to the mysterious atmosphere. This is shown in: â€Å"If I show you, you must never let on, even to James.† This implies that Dorothy is scared of the repercussions of her showing the portrait to Hester. This shows the that information on the portrait is withheld as the reader doesn't know what happened to the girl in the portrait, and both the reader and Hester wants to know more about the girl, heightening the mysterious atmosphere. By the story being told through Hestor's point of view, some points, especially during times including danger, are exaggerated, thus adding to the sense of danger and foreboding. This is shown in: â€Å"It was bitter cold; so cold that the air almost took the skin off my face as I ran† This use of poetic writing indicates that the coldness was exaggerated due to the story being written in Hester's point of view. The use of a metaphor enhances the exaggeration of the coldness. By Hestor and Miss Rosamond being so new to the manor, they seem to view experiences from the outside looking in, and are unfamiliar with the residents. Also, with the cold descriptions of Mrs Stark and Miss Furnivall, Hestor and Miss Rosamond might take a while to settle into their new life at the manor. Hestor and Miss Rosamond first visit the manor at the start of the story: â€Å"Miss Rosamond and me were to go to Furnivall Manor House.† This implies that they would have to settle in to the environment at the Furnivall Manor House because they were new to the house. The cold description of Mrs Stark and Miss Furnivall is: â€Å"The hard, sad Miss Furnivall, and the cold Miss Stark.† This induces the reader to believe that the two elderly ladies at the manor were far from welcoming. The inhospitalitle description of the elderly residents indicates that Hestor and Miss Rosamond would not settle in at the manor straight away. The vulnerability of Miss Rosamond and Hestor adds to the sense of foreboding in the story. In Miss Rosamond, this occurs because she was orphaned at a young age, and she has no knowledge of the dangers of befriending and following the Spectre Child. This is illustrated by: â€Å"Hester, I must go! My little girl is there; I hear her; she is coming! Hester, I must go!† This indicates that Miss Rosamond does not know the dangers of the Spectre Child because if she did she would be more reluctant to go with her. Hestor was vulnerable because she came from a lower status in society; she was overwhelmed by the manor and was very new to her environment. This is indicated when she recollects that she was â€Å"Right glad when they rung for the old footman who had shown us in at first.† This implies that she was overwhelmed by the situation that she found herself in and wanted someone to keep her company in her new surrounds. This indicates that she was insecure and agitated when she first entered the manor. By Hestor being agitated when she first goes into the manor, the author is showing that she is vulnerable in her new environment. Overall, Elizabeth Gaskell is effective in creating a sense of Foreboding and Danger in ‘The Old Nurse's Story'. This is done by having two vulnerable main characters in which the story is viewed through the elder's perspective. The situation of the story, and the past that is central to the story are extremely effective techniques.

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A Comparison Between King Lear and Oedipus Essay

A tragedy is not only an imitation of life in general but an imitation of an action, as Aristotle defined his ideas in the Poetics, which presents Oedipus as an ultimate tragic hero. There is a obvious link between the two characters in that blindness – both literal and metaphorical – is a strong theme in the stories. Issues of self-recognition and self-knowledge are significant for Oedipus as well as King Lear. For Aristotle, Reversal, Recognition and Suffering are key elements in a complex tragedy. The human instinct to seek knowledge of and to know an individual’s character is essential to understand their actions (Aristotle, 1-49). King Lear and King Oedipus find that self recognition and self-knowledge are very important keys to understand their behaviour and as a consequence their lives. They learn by painful suffering that wealth and kingship means nothing and that both are only common men in the end. So all three key terms of Aristotle’s complex tragedy could be found in the plays: reversal, recognition and suffering. At the start of the play, King Lear is defined by his kingship, wealth and power, but when he introduces the ‘love-contest’ over his inheritance, the losing and suffering begins. First and most obviously, he loses his wealth and power. Although the hundred knights and title he retains, having given away his royal power, give him an illusionary security, without his power he is only a poor imitation of a king. It is the Fool who demonstrates with his honest and teasing answers that Lear has lost his identity, not only his property. He says â€Å"All thy other titles thou hast given away; that thou wast born with† (1.4.142) and â€Å"now thou art an 0 without a figure; I am better than thou art now. I am a fool, thou art nothing† (1.4.184). The Fool as well as Kent also tries to show Lear that his decision is not only about property and losing a big part of his identity. It is also about losing his most valuable treasure – his only true loving daughter. The Fool and Kent support King Lear during the play to find his identity, in contrast to Lear’s two elder daughters. They show him his weakness brutally when they do not allow him to keep his knights. This is the last evidence for Lear  that his two elder daughters have only wanted his property and do not care about him as a father. He still does not admit that self-worth and self identity has nothing to do with needs, nothing to do with wealth and power and that love has nothing to do with quantity but with quality. In his pain, he flees the truth as a last solution. The storm scene shows Lear’s madness and his journey to self recognition best, in which he must painfully accept that he is no more than a common man, powerless against the force of nature and the gods. It is not only Lear who has to find himself in this play. The bastard son of the Earl of Gloucester, Edmund, believes himself to be a character without scruple. His only thoughts are selfish and he does not understand that his machinations are ultimately self destructive and false. He plots against his brother and his father to gain power. Not even when his father is blinded as a result of his denunciation does he show any pity. Edmund thinks that he has a natural right to use everything to get what he wants. However, at the end, he realizes his wrong behaviour when he declares, â€Å"I pant for life. Some good I mean to do† (5.3.241). But it is too late – for Cordelia and for him. At the end Lear knows that only the love of his daughter Cordelia is worth living for. Nonetheless Cordelia and Lear die – Lear, wiser than he ever was and so a real tragic hero and Cordelia – a sacrificial victim of this tragedy. Lear finally finds out that true love has nothing to do with property but with knowing oneself and recognizing each other. True understanding of love must mean true understanding of oneself. King Oedipus’s character is similar to King Lear’s. Oedipus is a man, who is fully aware of his strength, intelligence and power. As the solver of the riddle and the national leader of Thebes in a moment of crisis, he is a noble hero and a great celebrity. Thebes high esteem for Oedipus is shown through the Chorus until the bitter end of the play. In the beginning of the play King Oedipus is a person of vast self-assurance. This character attribute is demonstrated in his willingness to take the full responsibility  for dealing with the crisis, the plague. King Oedipus feels certain that he will also manage this crisis as he has done before with the riddle of the sphinx. He feels so self-assure that he even thinks he is able to trick the oracle and the gods by simply fleeing Corinth. But this is a big miscalculation as the play shows. The outline in the story of Oedipus’s self discovery begins when he starts to solve the second riddle, the riddle of Laius death. During this solving Oedipus’ character changes from an honour man to a fearful, condemned man by his tragic fate in the end. The changing of the character is accompanied by the changing of the riddle: the question â€Å"Who is the murderer of Laius?† changes to â€Å"Who am I?† Aristotle in his Poetics discusses this reversal when he speaks of â€Å"a change of the action into the opposite† (Aristotle, 18). As the tragedy moves on, finding the truth for Oedipus becomes an obsession. The dispute between Teiresias and Oedipus demonstrates that Oedipus does not even take the possibility of involvement in something bad into consideration. Teiresias, after he has been provoked, wants Oedipus to find the truth, to acknowledge himself. â€Å"I tell you, you and your loved ones live together in infamy, you cannot see how far you’ve gone in guilt† (418). Although, Teiresias’s speeches are very clear Oedipus negates the truth before himself. The ironic net of facts becomes clearer and clearer. After the entry of the messenger and the shepherd, Jocasta suddenly recognises the truth. She now knows what she is to Oedipus and what guilt lies upon her family. Nevertheless she tries to avoid the truth and tries to save Oedipus when she begs him â€Å"Stop – in the name of god, if you love your own life, call off this search!† (1163). But now, Oedipus wants to know everything so she could only scream, â€Å"You’re doomed – may you never fathom who you are!† (1173). When in the following lines Oedipus claims that he is a son of Chance he is only just entering the circle of increasing knowledge about himself. He soon realizes that outer forces may have impact on his life, but he still relies on his own genius and infallibility. As Oedipus discovers his own identity he has to learn about himself what it is to be a man. He learns that his behaviour and his mistakes are partially responsible for this horrific truth. So he takes the full responsibility for his punishment. In blinding himself he does not die physically but in a sense he is dead. Moving out into the wastelands there is nothing to look forward to except death. The self-recognition of what he  has done and consequently what he is to his children has destroyed him. The play ends in a sense as it begins, with the greatness of a hero. But it is a different kind of greatness. Now it is based on self-recognition and self-knowledge instead of ignorance and pride. Finally Oedipus has gained knowledge of himself and his reality and he realizes that higher forces, such as the gods and destiny have influence. Werner Jaeger declares in his Paideia: The Ideals of Greek Culture â€Å"to know oneself for Sophocles is to know man’s powerlessness† (Jaeger, 284). And this is to be true for Oedipus as well as for King Lear. King Lear’s and King Oedipus’s awareness of their strength and power is nothing in the end. At the start of the play both kings are majestic figures. Nevertheless not only their character flaws of pride and the exaggerated opinion of themselves lead to this ultimate downfall in the end. Oedipus and Lear cause their own fall partly because they do not know who they are. They first have to find out, through incredible sufferings, that they are nothing more but common men. Both characters symbolize the tragic hero in a perfect sense. The human suffering in these plays is so significant that the reader can almost feel it. Though Oedipus’ fate is determined, the reader still feels sympathy for the tragic hero, believing that somehow he doesn’t deserve what ultimately comes to him. The same applies for King Lear, who gives everything away to his daughters, who will only betray and defraud him. Although in both plays the theme of self-knowledge is very important, it is only one of many ways of entry to the texts. The theme of Blindness, the impact of the Gods and Fate. are other interesting ways to look at the plays. But we learn from the first perspective that self-recognition and learning about oneself has also something positive. No matter how painful the realization, how destructive the outcome there are aspects of growth and gain in it. An important outcome of these plays is that the only person who can tell you who you really are is you by yourself. And this knowledge mitigates the sufferings at least a little bit.

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Pillars of Society Matrix Essay

Politics are all about power, and authority. The government is about owning and running services, such as mining, steel, energy, forestry, telephones, television stations, and airlines (Henslin, 2011). The United States has adopted many socialist practices. The most obvious is the government taking money from some individuals to pay for benefits of other. The government has complete control over all aspects of our lives. They control from food, housing, imports, exports the whole mighty dollar. The government has put the United States in debt and put more American’s on the street with a failing economy. Inflation has hit many of us, currently gas is $4.09 people are no longer being able to afford to drive their vehicles. I have an Avalanche and it cost me nearly $100+ dollars to fill up. I can remember when we paid $1.98. The government controls petroleum and chooses not to dig in our own back yards but in foreign countries. Communities impact political voices we have a choice in whom we may choose to elect to represent our states and our nation, the candidates all seek the majority votes. Communities can have an impact of what is creation of new laws and bills. Technology plays a big role in politics now. The introductions of technologies make an impact on American politics. With Facebook, twitter, YouTube, media groups are playing major roles in the election of candidates and our presidents. There is a GOP internet forum FreeRepublic and MoveOn that are political communities (Davy, 2010). Marriage and Family That family is so significant to humanity that it is universal-every human group in the world organizes its members in families. Western civilization regards family as husband, wife, and children, other groups of family are polygamist. Marriage is a groups approved mating arrangements, usually marked by a ritual of some sort and now marriage in no only man and woman but now there is approved same-sex marriages (Hensil, 2010) I think that marriage and family a two very important things in life that keep a healthy relationship in someone’s life. Now and days I just see so many people just laying down and making babies instead of having values and morals with being married before the kids come. I can’t say all marriages will last because I was married at 20 and we did not last very long at all. Marriage and family can impact economics and community because people who are married tend to be better off than single and cohabiting parents (Kaye, Lerman, (n.d.)). In recent years technology can destroy a marriage and family because of these social websites. Then with economically there are so many layoffs and few jobs that it too has made an impact on families and a loss of a job and pull a marriage apart because of financial issues. Education Many Jobs require you to have the skills before you are allowed to work. Just like Doctors display their credentials (Henslin, 2010). Education helps us students in seeking higher positions and employment. I believe that we are getting educated from the time that we are born until the time we are no longer able to comprehend new information. We have to get an education to get better jobs if we would like to make good money in a failing economy. For me I got tired of living off of tips or from pay check to paycheck because the cost of living has risen and to survive you need to get an education to get a higher paying position. There are advantages in education it economically stables a country. There are competitive advantages over other economies. Employers want workers who are more productive and who will require less management (Radcliffe, 2012). The advances in technology are so far advanced that children and adults are being educated through various apps, websites, and cyber classrooms. It also changes the productivity in an industrialized world. Increased productivity means increased revenue. * Module 7 is targeting the technological impact on all pillars. Be sure to complete the last column during Module 7 before you submit the assignment to the instructor. For the â€Å"impact of technology† column, please explain how technology has impacted each of the four pillars on the matrix. References Henslin, J. (2011). Essentials of Sociology: A Down To Earth Approach. Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon Davy, Steven. (2010). How Technology Changed American Politics in the Internet Age. Retrieved June 20, 2013 from Kaye, K., & Lerman, R. (n.d.) Effects of Marriage on Family Economic Well-Being. Retrieved June 20, 2013 from Radcliffe, B. (2012). How Education and training Affect Economy. Retrieved June 20, 2013 from

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I'm a manager in a large global manufacturing Assignment

I'm a manager in a large global manufacturing - Assignment Example The main reason for this transformation is the shift in the attitude, behavior, moral and ethical values of organizations. The impact of globalization and the implementation of technology are two major factors that resulted in such changes. In an organization, the organizational culture evolves as a result of values and behavior handed over from one generation of workers to the next. Besides, management policies, the vision of the company etc also influence the organization culture. The attitudes and perceptions of workers also play a major role in the formation of an entity’s organizational culture. An instance of change of organization culture, in this context, can be seen when one considers Steve Job of Apple. â€Å"No one denied that Apples rise was aided immeasurably by his [Steve Jobs] astonishing energy and persuasiveness and charisma and chutzpah† (Deutschman, 2011). The attitude of employees has also changed from what it has been earlier. 10 years back employees merely did their job. However, now they attempt to improve their skills to handle their operations more efficiently. The management in the modern world also supports this as the competition is quite high and organizations compete with one another to recruit the best talent available in the market. Attitude towards team work has also increased. Thus, now employees work together to achieve common organizational goals. In the given example of Apple, there is a significant change in the attitude of management towards employees. They consider employees as a part of company and that is the reason why Steve Job believes in the concept of â€Å"hire for attitude, train for skills.† (Poor Leadership Undermines US Organizations, 2011). As one can observe from the growth of Apple, the model implemented by Steve Job has facilitates healthy collaboration between management and employees, which is the basis of their

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Campaigns and Money in American Government Essay

Campaigns and Money in American Government - Essay Example It will also provide a competitive political environment by providing a level ground for the candidates. There would be no landslide wins for the incumbents or the famous that are able to hold fundraisers (Breslwo et al, 2000). More public funding would also ensure that the influence of private contributors on the candidate or those in office is reduced. Replacing private funding with public funding would channel concerns of the general public and not a few. Last, the costs incurred during campaigns would be controlled, preventing overspending, as those funded by the public have to adhere to set limits. (Ansolabehere et al, 2000) The two challenges that face public funding the continuous presence of influence by the wealthy and the high costs of running for elections. Money is defined as speech by the court and these means that one can spend as they wish without interference from the government or anyone else and if this is done then there must be solid justification. However, accountability is required when it comes to spending resources on campaigns and these can be achieved if the government requires that each candidate provide a budget. An appropriate figure is then decided on the amount to spend based on underlying factors such as the seat one is contesting. This would increase

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Research Paper on Cheating Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

On Cheating - Research Paper Example Academic cheating involves a student representing someone’s work as their own. Academic cheating involves several aspects such as sharing another student’s work, purchasing a test questions or term paper in advance or paying a colleague or another person to do the work on one’s behalf. Academic cheating is an institutional, as well as societal vice that is unethical, therefore, requiring being discouraged vehemently, until it has been wholly eradicated society. Studies done on cheating among college students have found numerous factors associated as to why students cheat in tests and exams. They include, cheating being considered as a college norm, colleges lacking an honor code, penalties for cheating that are not severe, low faculty policies supporting academic integrity, minute chance of being caught; incidence is advanced at larger, less selective institutions. Furthermore, influencers such students cheating because others are doing it, faculty administration tend not to care, no acknowledged rules or rules are vague and heavy workloads instigate cheating in institutions (Fleming, 1). Previously, in colleges it was the students who were struggling in class that were notorious in cheating. However in recent times even the above average students as well as some exemplary students have been caught in the webs of cheating. This is facilitated by, poor concentration during lectures, or skiving classes, which entails that most students miss content that will be  helpful, in their examinations or tests. The struggling students cheat to at least gate grades that will allow them advance to the nest levels. They do not trust themselves enough to tackle the examination questions on their own brains thus depend on cheating as a means of elevating their grades. Such students often do not put any effort in grasping concepts as they are over dependent on cheating. This affects their normal lives, as they become cheeky, and lie as often as they can, to get themselves out of situations they always end up being untrustworthy members of society. Currently most college students are exposed to life full of freedom that they were not exposed to while in high school and other levels of education. In college, most students are independent and caretakers of themselves. They did not have their parents looking after them as when they were young. Some students are exposed to the joys and delights of college life that they easily overlook their main reason of being at college. Such students engage in college fun ignoring their studies, thus, when examination time reaches they are caught unprepared resorting to cheating so as pass their exam (Carey, 1). In the contemporary college life, cheating no longer has the stigmas it used to have previously. It has become a norm and accepted as part of way of doing examinations. Less disapproval coupled with increased lenience from some college departments has necessitated the rise of college cheating . Students in contemporary colleges are secretive as they are not open to report their fellow students, who cheat in exams. They have accepted those who cheat as part of their faction thus making it difficult to do away with the calamity of cheating. Since the cheating, students form a community, and bond with their colleagues; they are able to get away with cheating. Their fellow student

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The US Importation Benefits for World Development Term Paper

The US Importation Benefits for World Development - Term Paper Example Countries trade with each other because of the concept of comparative advantage and specialization.   Using the concept of Adams Smith as the basis of the theory it would not able to remember the foundation of having to import or to buy when it would cost more to make. If a foreign country can supply the United States with a commodity which would be cheaper than it can make, then there is a reason to buy from said foreign while at the same time allowing some of the produce of the US industry to be sold. In other words, the US would produce where it has some advantage. The need to specialize and trade for the same reason should govern the behavior of individuals at it meant to result in greater out and income.   A lawyer who is also a skilled painter can benefit to just hire a painter to paint his house. It is assumed that the lawyer can earn $50 dollars per hour and that the painter earns $20 an hour. Although the lawyer is a good painter, he would do best to just specialize in his work as a lawyer by hiring a painted, as he could be saving $20 per hour. That the world economy is benefited by US importation cannot be denied.   Ã‚  One cannot talk about the economy without going back to things about demand and supply of good and services. The demanders are the households, individuals, and entities and the suppliers are the firms. This interaction could result in economic activities that will the cause the continuous production of needs and wants as sustained by the continuing demand.   From the macroeconomic model, the economy of every country is then measured by GDP growth with the necessary components of consumption, investment, government spending, and net export or the result of exports after deducting imports. Imports by the US may result therefore to trade deficit whether the US could actually be consuming more than it produces or exports. It may there have a negative effect on its GDP. However, in business, one’s loss is another’s gain.

Investment Risks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Investment Risks - Essay Example This refers to the poor earning reports, legal actions against the company, management ineffectiveness, or potential bankruptcy related issues that might keep an investor from investing in the company’s securities and stocks. Credit risk refers to the possibility that the company will not be able to meet its obligations and pay off its debts as and when these become due. If this situation arises, this could have a drastically negative effect on the company’s performance and its perception into the minds of potential investors. This might also result in a decline in stock prices and may ultimately lead to solvency problems for the company.This refers to the situation where movements in exchange rates adversely affect the investments for an individual or the company. The exchange rates may move in favor of or against the investments for people. If exchange rates are decreasing, an investment in a security becomes attractive as other investment models, like foreign currenc y, becomes unattractive due to exchange rates being reduced. However, if exchange rates show an increasing trend, an investor might not be willing to invest in a company’s securities until the return from the investment in securities is more than the return from investments in foreign currency. In addition, for multinational companies or for those who try to diversify their portfolio by investing in foreign currencies, exchange risk might be a very critical element to take into account before making the investment.

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International Media Communication Research Paper

International Media Communication - Research Paper Example With the free flow of information in the international arena, where the participants in the other countries now possess better accessibility to the facts and issues faced by the neighboring countries, the international media communication channels such as the news media are often criticized of being influenced by the socio-cultural and political biases or else raising the risk of ‘false consciousness’ and even ‘racial stereotyping’ (Barnhurst, 2005; Media Monitoring Project, 1999). Based on these aspects, the discussion henceforth will intend to illustrate and critically review two news stories presented from distinct ideologies by two international media channels, the Fox News of the United States and The Guardian of the United Kingdom. The stories have been selected based on the same issue, the recent support of President Mr. Barack Obama of same-sex marriages in the United States. Background of the Story: President Obama’s Support of Same-Sex Marri age Same-sex marriages have long been under critical scrutiny by social and political institutions in the United States. Even though six states of the geopolitical region of the United States, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and New York, have legally permitted the performance of same-sex marriages, the federal law yet restricts the act to be accredited openly in the American society. Apparently, the depiction of agreeability or vice-versa of the legal approval for same-sex marriages has emerged to be a base for distinction between social groups. In the social context of America, the polarization based on same-sex marriage accreditations has been apparent since the implementation of the policy measure â€Å"Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell† by the former President Mr. Bill Clinton in the year 1992. This policy measure placed emphasis on restricting the open depiction of homosexual behavior, especially within the military base (Singer, 2008). This polar ization in the American society has become more perceptible with the statement in favor of homosexual marriages made by the President Obama to the ABC News. In his words, â€Å"...I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married† (Klein, 2012). This particular appraisal by the current President of the United States attracted a mass attention not only in the national context but also from the international horizon, making an obvious presence in the international media channels. Recently, after being aired in the news media, the support of Mr. Barack Obama came reverberating in the Fox News as well as in The Guardian, the former being a renowned tabloid in the United States and the latter in the United Kingdom. However, in both the narratives a distinct ideology can be examined in the course of illustrating the statements connoted by the American President. Where the narra tion or the story portrayed by the Fox News can be identified as highly

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Short Answers 1. ULTRA 2. Marshall Gregori Zhukov 3.General George C Essay

Short Answers 1. ULTRA 2. Marshall Gregori Zhukov 3.General George C. Marshall 4. Anzio 5. Operation Fortitude 6.Kursk 7.The Fal - Essay Example 2. Marshal Georgi Zhukov was the leading Red Army strategist behind Soviet victories at Moscow, Stalingrad and at Berlin. He was instrumental in developing defensive strategies that led to the Germans’ defeat. A leading member of the Stavka, Zhukov â€Å"more than any other one man was responsible for the formulation and implementation of Soviet strategy.†? His victory at Moscow and subsequent counter-offensive at Stalingrad devastated the Wehrmacht and turned the war in the Soviets’ favor after a string of near-catastrophic losses during the early weeks of Operation Barbarossa. After driving the Nazis out of Russia, Zhukov ultimately led the Red Army to victory in 1945 at Berlin, taking the city despite fierce resistance. (Name) 3 3. General George C. Marshall was in large part architect of the Allies’ victory in World War 2. As the grand organizer of the Allies’ war effort, he orchestrated the invasion of the European continent. He also managed th e massive U.S. war effort on two fronts, balancing the need for overwhelming manpower and materiel between Europe and the Pacific. Ultimately, Marshall was â€Å"responsible for the building, supplying, and, in part, the deploying of over eight million soldiers.†? After the war, the Marshall Plan became the blueprint for recovery in Europe and set the stage for subsequent prosperity in Western Europe. Marshall was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1953. 4. Anzio, the battle subsequent to Operation Shingle, was an attempt by the Allies to outflank the German army and free the road to Rome. Strategically, the Allies sought to liberate Italy but were facing stalemate north of Naples.4 Despite a successful landing, the Americans and British were pinned down by the Germans but managed to hold the beachhead, finally breaking through to Rome and liberating the city. The fighting at Anzio occupied German troops that could not be committed to the defense of Normandy on D-Day, with the Germans eventually committing approximately 80,000 additional troops to the defense of Italy. 5. Operation Fortitude was the name the Allies used for a campaign of deception prior to the Normandy landings. Aimed at keeping the Wehrmacht off balance and confused, it led the German high command to believe that the Allied landing would take place at Pas de Calais. Ultimately, the objective of Operation Fortitude was to keep (Name) 4 the Germans from concentrating their forces in Normandy. One of the war’s most successful deception campaigns, Operation Fortitude had the desired effect: â€Å"As a result, (the Germans) embarked on relatively few defensive preparations, mostly along the Pas de Calais on the Channel Coast north of the River Seine.†5 6. The Battle of Kursk technically marked the end of the German initiative in the eastern war. From a tactical standpoint, the Soviet victory at Kursk was a triumph of the Red Army’s use of â€Å"redundant† defen se, or defense in depth, which utilized a devastating and meticulous combination of artillery, tank units and other defensive weapons. This approach proved the undoing of the Wehrmacht’s famous Blitzkrieg approach to offensive warfare. Designed to overwhelm a foe in a single massive stroke, the German Blitzkrieg broke against a series of Russian defensive positions. â€Å"

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New loci for genetic resistance to malaria in humans Essay

New loci for genetic resistance to malaria in humans - Essay Example The pathogenic species belonging to this genus include P. ovale, P. Malariae, P. falciparum, P. vivax and P. Knowlesi. The severe form of the condition is the one caused by P. falcipurum which is prevalent in the Sub-Saharan Africa. Some overlapping clinical syndromes that indicates the severe form includes severe anaemia (SA) and cerebral malaria (CM) (World Health Organisation, 2000). The essay below refers to GWAS approach to develop the strategies applied in the development of control for infectious diseases in humans. According to Kwiatkowski (2005), the disease has been identified as a potent type in the human population. This is because genetic traits such as sickle cell variants have been proven to protect people from malaria. Some highly variant genes offer resistance to malaria e.g. sickle cell haemoglobin variant (Hb-S) and Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PDH). This affirms that malaria resistance among humans is genetic (Hedrick, 2011). The response to the malarial p arasite of the human body varies i.e. some people may succumb upon infection while others may survive. This variation is caused by genetic factors (Mackinnon et al., 2005). The prevalence of the disease has led to an increase in mutation in the human body to counter the negative effects of the disease. Snow et al., (2005) alludes that the malaria form caused by P. falcipurum in endemic areas has led to a strong selective pressure among the human population. ... Studies on the genetic make-up of the human body have been enhanced by construction of a complete human genome. Enhanced genomic studies have been conducted globally to understand the variant traits of diseases and conditions such as diabetes and/or malaria. The genome wide studies include studies related to genome linkage and association. Genome-wide association studies are involved in the identification of the pathways influencing malaria, especially the severe form of malaria. Human chromosome 10 (10p15.3-14) and chromosome 13 (13q) have been identified by Timmann et al. (2012) to possess pronounced linkages to the severe malaria forms. Genome-wide association studies links individuals with common genetic variants to a host of diseases and traits. Hirschorn and Daly (2005) deduce that the studies are characterised by a survey across the genome sets of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) for most of the common genetic variation that causes diseases or exposes an individual to dise ase vulnerability. Additionally, these studies contribute in the identification of the variants contributing to the disease on focus. The genome-wide analysis identifies the factors that influence health and disease. Contrary to the linkage studies where markers associated with the genome must segregate with diseases in families, the GWAS studies focuses on the analysis of genome for possible genetic variants causing the disease (Hirschorn and Daly, 2005). Timmann et al., (2012) asserts that resistance to malaria has not been comprehensively established. The GWAS studies are appropriate for identifying the variants for the genetic resistance in the body. The GWAS studies involve the application of